Interior Painting


Interior Painting

Gallus Painting prides itself on the quality of our interior and exterior painting. The detail given at both areas is sometimes said to be excessive. But the final product shows to be far and above our completion.

Interior painting includes new construction, remodel, and refreshing existing finish’s. Gallus Painting works for many of the top builders in the twin cities metro area, and outstate areas as well. See list of current contractors. Our new construction and remodel contractors trust Gallus Painting to get the job done right the first time. We have many long lasting relationships with many of our contractors, some spanning over 32 years.

  Refreshing existing finish’s in your home is not always an easy task for some painting contractors. At Gallus Painting we pride ourselves on jobs being done on time, done correctly, and in some instances leaving the home cleaner than when we started.

Interior Services

Ceiling and wall painting

Gallus Painting only uses the finest Wall and ceiling paint from Benjamin Moore, Hirshfield’s, and Sherwin Williams. We pick and choose products according to the needs of each homeowner. Our painters are experienced in making walls and ceilings look flawless.


removal and reinstallation 

Wallpaper removal can and usually is a tricky process not knowing if the drywall was sized correctly is the biggest issue. Wallpaper being removed incorrectly can result in the added cost of drywall repair due to damage caused in the process. We approach this in many different scenarios to determine the best route for removal.

Custom Glazing

Gallus Painting seems to be always getting calls on changing the current stain color. Glazing can be used to change a 90’s era house with a yellow oak finish to a rich new color. Each process is individual to how much change is desired. This can give your house a completely new look.

Small drywall and taping projects

Gallus Painting has employees with many years of experience in smaller drywall projects which gives us a competitive advantage in getting your project done with precision and on time.

Concrete floor and garage floor epoxy finishes

We will determine what type of finish is needed in each area based on your current situation. We use all of the top Sherwin William and Benjamin Moore products on lightweight areas such as basement floors, mechanical room floors, and ceramic tile. For garage floors, we utilize a certified subcontractor with whom we have worked with for over 15 years.

Enameling of new and existing millwork, trim, and cabinetry

Gallus Painting will always suggest the right product no matter the manufacturer. Oil-based products of the past have been replaced with a handful of great water-borne enamels. These being Ilva waterborne, B.M Advance Waterborne. These two are our first choices for durability and a great smooth feel.